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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy at The Jackson Clinics, Physical TherapyPeople who cannot tolerate traditional exercise programs find the water to be the perfect medium for exercise. It promotes pain relief due to the buoyancy property of water that provides support for your joints. It decreases weight bearing so that compression of the joints is minimized. The therapeutic benefits of water include the ability to perform functional movements that may otherwise be inhibited on land such as walking and squatting. The water provides support and therefore patients experience a reduced fear of falling and greater mobility.

Aquatic therapy promotes increased venous return and assists in improving circulation which aides in decreasing swelling and increasing range of motion. Participating in therapy in the water allows patients to work on balance training and postural awareness while strengthening weak muscles and improving overall endurance. With all of these benefits it is no wonder that our aquatic programs are especially popular.

icon_pool Aquatic Therapy is offered at the following locations: BrambletonManassas, Worldgate, Skyline, Tysons, Oakton, and Centreville