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I am grateful

My experience has been incredible. I had both my knees replaced in January and PT has been a huge part of my recovery. I was a patient of Erin Ruest and went with her when she moved from Shirlington to Merrifield. She has been my life-saver throughout this process. I'd also like to pay tribute to Brittany Nicotra  who ran me through my exercises each visit. She and Erin make a great team and really cared about my well-being, paying close attention to my moods, pain, and progress. Jonathon Cruz was also extremely helpful. He and Erin worked with my insurance company to obtain additional PT appointments when my insurance ran out. I am grateful.

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It was amazing.

It was amazing, I had two of the best people that I had the pleasure of working with while there.  Kari, was pleasant and she made me feel comfortable from day one, and Courtney, she really worked me hard and with such a nice and pleasant attitude even when I complained a lot. 

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Pleasant and Very Helpful

Greg, Emily and Jonathan did a great job.  Even though Taylor did not work with me directly, she offered encouragement as I was doing my exercises. Nora and Allexis were pleasant and very helpful.  If  I ever need physical therapy again, I would not hesitate going back to the Oakton location. 

Thanks for caring!

I just wanted to share that I have had a tremendous experience at Jackson Clinics. Michelle Miller and Lauren Convery are the utmost professionals and always go the extra mile to listen and take care of the customer. Although I may arrive at the clinic after a busy day at the office tried and feeling like a pretzel.... I always feel refreshed and physical better when I leave. I would recommend this clinic and especially to the ladies mentioned above to anyone. Thanks for caring!!